Montzka Legacy Award: 
A scholarship given to one student each year 
(Determined by random drawing in a raffle each year)

In the late 1960′s and early 1970′s, Marilyn and Arthur Montzka settled in Sycamore, Illinois and embarked upon the journey of developing music students that included those studying violin, viola, cello, bass, piano and others. Jennifer Diedrich and hundreds (or thousands) of children were fortunate to be a part of this growth in the neighboring city of DeKalb, Illinois, home to Northern Illinois University. 

Arthur Dale Montzka (1935 - 2002) was a husband, father, brother, son, teacher, musician, photographer, conductor and leader in the Suzuki community. As a violinist in the Seventh U.S. Army Symphony Orchestra based in Germany in 1958, Mr. Montzka used one of the photo labs on the military base to learn how to develop film.  It was there that he bought his first serious camera, Olega.  His Suzuki journey began as a parent with daughters Ann and Susan being the first to study Suzuki violin.  Eric and Karl soon followed. In 1972, Mr. Montzka heard of a camp in Wisconsin, a summer gathering of the Suzuki community.  He asked director, Marjory Aber, if he could come take some photos. She said "yes" and the rest is history.  One of Art's most precious contributions to the Suzuki community has been his captivating photography. He documented the first 35 years of the developing Suzuki movement in the United States. His mentorship, instruction, and nurturing ways also had a tremendous impact on the thousands he taught.  

Having music be a consistent part of children’s lives has an amazing impact on the development of the child, family, and community at large.  In honor of the ongoing work that the Montzka family delivers, the Florida Music Institute offers the Montzka Legacy Awardwith tuition assistance to one family or student each year. 

Past recipients include:
2013:  Rachel Potter, Largo, FL
2014:  Emily Singleton, Gainesville, FL
2015:  Wiegman family (Seth, Rose), Orlando, FL
2016:  Jack Rabenstein, St. Petersburg, FL
2017:  The Rooth Family, Tampa, FL
2018:  The Anderson Family, Naples, FL

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